Nasb or نسب in Arabic helps us to attribute/associate a person to particular country, city etc. Suppose we want to say this person is from Misr, we will say

هذا مصري

Where word مصري is made from word مصر by adding يّ known as ياء النسب in the end i.e.

مِصْرِ + يّ = مصري

Sometimes, Arab makes Nasb in فَعّال form. We mostly use this form in the names of people involved in a handicraft. For example,

Nasb forms

Categories of Nasb

Nasb forms can only be made with Nouns (اسم) and is divided into following categories,

Category 1 Three letter nouns having ة مربوطة at end
Transformation Rule of Nasb: Remove the ة and add يّ
For example, we have

إذا كان في آخر الاسم المنسوب تاء تأنيث يجب أن نحذفها

Category 2 Nouns having الاسم المقصور at end
Category 2a Three letter nouns having ا as third letter (إذا كان الألف الحرف الثالث)
Transformation Rule of Nasb: Turn ا into و and add يّ
For example, we have

Category 2b Four letter nouns having ا as fourth letter (إذا كان الألف الحرف الرابع)

Category 2c Five letter nouns having ا as fifth letter (إذا كان الألف الحرف الخامس)
Transformation Rule of Nasb: Drop ا and add يّ
For example, we have


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